We are a 24 hour telephone counseling helpline in Kenya.

We seek to bring counseling services closer and more accessible to the masses.


What We believe

We believe that as long as you have a phone or you can access one,  Therefore you should be able to speak to a counselor as much as you wish whenever you want and wherever you are.

Finally, Do you feel like screaming, crying, venting, or simply offloading to a third party?

Dial 0900 620 800

 NISKIZE We will offer you  as much listening ear as you NEED


ABOUT NISKIZE Telephone counseling

Telephone counseling offers a greater sense of ANONYMITY. For people who feel shy about walking into a counselor’s office, telephone counseling can be a good option. It has no geographical boundaries; therefore you can access a counselor from whichever part of the world you are in. It eliminates the need to make special childcare (or other care) arrangements for busy moms or caregivers. Telephone counseling is time efficient because it reduces the time spent traveling to and from your counselor. It is ideal for you if for any reason traveling is difficult, either due to sickness or injury. It is a potentially effective way to access counseling particularly, for example, to deal with short-term issues, simply to off-load and/or get an expert’s viewpoint on your issue. 7 Personal benefits of talking to a counselor on the telephone